What is a Data Center

A Data Center is a facility used to handle critical computer systems and associated components for companies and organizations in a room or more. It includes:

Environmental controls such as air conditioning fire suppression, etc. Backup power supplies, Redundant data communications connections and High security

A data center can be considered as the brain of a company; without it, it can be very difficult for a business to communicate, perceive, remember and create. The end result is a business that is able to function. The purpose of a data center is to allow storing huge amounts of equipment connected to communications, computers and electronics. Every type of a company has a method of data center, which is managed by organizations, to control the main information services, such as the Internet connectivity, intranets, LANS, WANS and extranets.

The most fundamental data center have a computer network, contains backup power supplies, air conditioning, security procedures, which include a very large amount of data stored in many computers. Biggest companies or companies with large space, infrastructure and huge money to maintain the data center can store their own data centers, but the smaller companies can outsource their I.T. infrastructure or they can merge their computer dates to a data center, being capable to store confidential, difficult systems and business dates.

Many data centers are found in government institutions, companies that have multiple headquarters, or the companies which are providing electronic services such as mobile phones, television etc…It depends upon the size of data to be stored. The size of data to be stores and maintained is directly proportional to the size of data center. A data center can also be a single computer, storing and accessing one company’s or one person’s critical data. It can be a smaller data center with a handful of computers or can be a very large data center with thousands of computers. Smaller data centers usually have less complicated forms of data protection.

The functions of all the data centers are the same i.e. to compile and protect the data of an organization or a company and also to store them in a useful and effective way so that it should be beneficial to the company in retrieving the data and also should be cost effective.

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