What Is a Decomposition Reaction

Decomposition reaction is a scientific process of separating a particular substance into two or more materials. The by-product, which produces due to the process differs a lot from one another and there will be no similarity between these two substances and the original one. Chemical decomposition reaction is a special process of decomposition and this is being done by passing an electrical current through the solutions that contain a particular amount of ions. Electrical decomposition and thermal decomposition are two other different processes of decomposition. Electrolytic decomposition is the process where a particular substance will be decomposed by exposing molten compound or aqueous clarification, within an electric current and if a compound is decomposed with the help of radiation and heat, it will be termed as thermal decomposition. 

Chemical decomposition
Chemical decomposition is special process of  decomposition. the result of the process is that complex molecules of a particular substance break down into simple substances. Uses of chemical decomposition is also seen in the field of biology and there the process is being used to breakdown the tissues of different plants and animals so that other life forms can make use of the tissues. Lets learn a few facts regarding chemical decomposition.

  • Chemical decomposition is quite different from synthesis decomposition.
  • Uses of synthesis decomposition are restricted in the field of chemistry only, but chemical decomposition is applicable to any field of science.

Thermal decomposition:
Thermal decomposition is also a kind of chemical decomposition and the process is being achieved using heat. The particular temperature that will be used to decompose the substance is known as decomposition temperature. Here are a few features of the thermal decomposition method.

  • The reaction of any thermal decomposition is actually endothermic and it is just because the uses of heat that breaks down the components.
  •  If the decomposition becomes exothermic, it will be used to create positive feedback circle producing an explosion or thermal runway.

It will be easy to understand what decomposition is if we site an example. There are a few oxides that get decomposed at enough high temperature. Decomposition of mercuric in high temperature gives birth to two different substances. They are – the metal mercury and the gas oxygen. The famous scientist Joseph priestly, to produce gasses, first did this decomposition. Likewise different other decompositions have been done by different scientists to produce individual substances and now we are being able to use them for dissimilar purposes.

Few scientific applications will never result in complete analysis without decomposition. Mass spectrometry is a good example of one of such methods .The decomposition of this particular substance assists the technicians to detect the sample that is being decomposed. It also helps them to determine the concentration of individual substances limited in that particular sample.