What is a Dental Dam

A dental dam is a special sheet of protection for contamination in the oral cavity during the dentist’s work procedure. It eliminates the danger that may arise due to bacteria and other reasons. The dental dam is mainly made up of latex and is also helpful in a safer oral sex.

The work of a dentist may result in infections in the mouth cavity and hence the dental dam provides protection during the process. It is basically a sheet which rectangular in size and is made up of latex. The dental dam is mostly used in the endodontic treatments where it is nowadays considered an essential in many of the cases. As the oral cavity remains exposed to the outside environment the dental dam may offer protection against the harmful agents present outside like bacteria, etc.

During root canal the dentist may perform his or her drilling on one particular tooth and the whole part of the mouth is exposed at that time. The dental dam can be placed on the mouth and through one hole within the latex sheet that particular tooth may stand out enabling the dentist to perform his or her job. At the same time the dentist is provided with a more hygienic and dry mouth cavity to work on which is very much necessary. For various reasons a clean and dry oral cavity is quite essential for the purpose of root canal. Contamination due to moisture may take place at any time and this must be avoided in any way possible. Hence the dental dam is very effective in solving this problem and making sure that the dentist is able to perform his or her job without any hindrance.

Any type of infection can thus be avoided. It also keeps some of the essential parts like the tongue and the cheek out of the way of the drilling during root canal. A satisfaction also takes place with respect to the person undergoing the root canal that the dentist will never be able to unknowingly drop any piece of fragment into the mouth once it is covered by the dental dam. The dental dam also helps in providing protection against any type of unwanted and tiny objects from falling into the mouth while it is open when the root canal is being performed by the dentist. The lips which are very close to the teeth can be easily protected with the dental dam sheet.

The dental dam is mostly manufactured with the help of latex. But in the case of a person who is allergic to latex he or she may also avail the non latex dental dams that are also present in the markets. They may also come in varied and attractive colors.