What is a Diamond Solitaire

A solitaire is nothing but a gem stone that is set in a piece of jewellery by itself. As such a diamond solitaire is nothing but a piece of jewellery with only a diamond set in it. The word diamond comes from greek word adamas meaning unbreakable has been a preferred choice of jewellery for time immemorial. Diamond is probably the hardest known natural material available to human kind and such it is used for cutting tools and other industries.

The most famous usage of diamond is as a jewel and even out of jewellery its most famous as a wedding ring. The solitaire diamond ring being the preferred choice of ring for people getting married as it symbolizes an unbreakable relationship.

Historically diamonds have been known to humans for nearly 2500 years with early references in Sanskrit texts which clearly mentioned the qualities of diamonds and about the trade which was well organized. The present idea of solitaire diamond ring was introduced in the late 19th century by Jewellers Tiffany. Though in the western and european parts, the earliest known examples was in the 15th century where where Archduke of Austria gave it to Mary. IT also has the back up of mythology related to it where in the Christian mythology says that the tip of the cupid’s arrows are of diamonds hence a diamond ring will always give the giver love of the partner. The Egyptian belief says that the vein of love otherwise known as vena amoris ran from the fourth finger to heart directly. Fire in the diamond has magical power that can win the hearts as they are also considered dust of the stars.

This has become a famous and preferred ring. There are various cuts associated with the solitaire diamonds. All these come with a pre-defined number of facets depending upon the cut. The Round brilliant cut is the most popular, perhaps due to the apparent size of the stone appearing to be larger when compared to its actual carat weight. In order of apparent size vs. actual carat weight, the standard stone cuts for solitaires from higher to lower ratio are mentioned as follows: Princess cut, Emerald cut, Pear, Oval, Heart, Trillion, Marquise, Radiant, Asscher, and Cushion cut.

When buying a diamond solitaire do not go for the weight of the ring. Remember that the carat weight of the diamond is the key thing in deciding the price of the diamond.

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