What Is a Digital Subscriber Line

The internet has become a hot favorite among computer users because of the multiple uses it can be put to. Getting connected to the internet and using it for telephone connection also using digital subscriber line. This is the simple definition of DSL as it is called. You get connected to the internet through a regular landline telephone line using digital high bandwidth. This service usually provides different speed rates for download and upload. The speed for downloads are much higher.

 A faster service may be provided by using satellite or cable services. However, you get the benefit of choosing an internet provider such as DSL. The main reason for selecting DSL is that it is much cheaper than either satellite or cable. The survey has been conducted to find out people’s reaction to cable/ satellite versus DSL. The survey has produced the result that the level of satisfaction in the case of DSL users was 50% whereas in the case of satellite or cable users it is very much less at 25%.

 DSL became popular on account of the frustrations experienced of the people who had dial up connections at home. The services were very slow and unreliable with constant repairs. After DSL came about and people started getting connections at higher speed has made many people very happy with the communication device at home. The great advantage part from the speed is that you can use the computer and the telephone at the same time which was not possible in the case of dial-up.

 Penetration of DSL to all parts of the country has been great because of the versatility of the system. Such penetration was not possible for satellite or cable connections. The speed of operation in remote areas may not match up with what you get in the cities but still it still very fast and faster than dial-up connections. Perhaps the biggest advantage of DSL is for people who have a number of PCS working in their homes. All of them can get connected to the internet together and use it separately also. All that is required is wireless router.

 As far as the cost is concerned there is no difference in price between the DSL and a dial-up connection. All functions are quite fast. Streaming visual and audio is also done by many people and the faster action makes the process enjoyable one. The slower uploading feature of DSL should not be a matter of concern for internet users because it is in a way beneficial downloading giving more bandwidth available for downloading. In any case the majority are interested more in downloading than uploading.