What is a Documentary Film

Documentary films are completely different from those films, which are made to entertain people. If you see a documentary film, then you may not be entertained at all. However, you will come to know some real facts. A documentary film tries to convey some real and astonishing facts to the public, instead of just entertaining them by songs, music and drama. It is said that the first documentary film ever was The Unwritten Law directed in 1907, it was based on a true incident, which happened an year. 

Each and every film is generally based on a script and documentary films are also films. However, the difference between the script of a documentary film and a general film is a lot. You may not find a strong script in case of a entertaining movie. At the time of many general movies, you may thought that the facts the film is showing are nothing else than the truth or based on true incidents. But when you think what you have seen in the movie after finishing the watching, you will find that all the things you have seen were just meant to entertain you.

If you have ever entered to the movie hall before the beginning of the cinema, then you may have noticed the disclaimer. All the characters and facts shown in this movie are fictitious. If it has any resemblance to any dead or alive person, then that is nothing else than a mere coincidence. Why the movie producers show this message, because the script on which the film is based is completely fictitious. However, in case of a documentary film, you may not see this message either at the beginning or at the end, as those films are based on the real facts, most of the time.

If you are going to see any documentary film, then you should not expect any famous star or actor in that movie. Documentary films are generally acted by stars of low profile. But you should not confuse this with low quality picture. You may not find any high priced star in these films, but you can certainly find high quality acting in these films.

The budget of documentary films is considerably less in comparison to that of the general films. This is because of the less viewers. There are not many people in this world, who want to watch documentary films and because of this, these films never collect high amount at the box office. The length of documentary films is generally less than that of a general film. The average length of Hollywood films is one and half hours. However, a documentary film can be of only 15 minutes. The aim of each and every documentary film is to give a message to the society and the director tries to give that message as clearly as possible in the entire movie. If he manages to give the message within 15 minutes, then he ends the film there. 

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