What is a Dominant Trait

Dominant trait can also be called as dominant character that means a hereditary trait, which results from the appearance of the dominant allele above the recessive allele. Now you may be thinking that what allele is. Now let’s concentrate over it then it will be quite easy to understand the dominant trait.

What is allele

 We know that meiosis is the process where the homologous chromosome pairs together. We also know that we can found a gene over the chromosome and they occupy some exact places over the chromosome. Now if the genes dwell in the identical position over the homologous chromosome then these genes have same locus. If the genes refer the same trait then they must have dwell in same loci and these genes are called alleles.

If you still don’t understand then let me give an example: suppose on homologous chromosome “A”; gene, which occupies position 8, refers to the eye color, then on homologous chromosome “B”; gene, which occupies the position 8, will also refer to the eye color. But the color of the both gene are not same one may have the color blue and the other may be black. These two genes are called alleles.

Now what will be the color of the eye if two are different? Here comes the concept of dominant trait. One color among of the two alleles will get expressed but the other will remain unexpressed. The expressed gene will be said as dominant trait and the other will be said recessive trait.

The concept of dominant or recessive trait was exposed by Gregor Mendel. Gregor Mendel carried out a research in the 19th century with peas to obtain a better understanding of genetic inheritance.

Dominant and recessive trait in human, which are common

  • Widow’s Peak- mid- digital hairline or widow’s peak is caused due to the genetic expression for hairline. Now this gene has the two alleles, one for straight hairline, one for widow ’s peak and dominant peak is widow ’s peak allele, and the straight hairline allele will be recessive.
  • Crossing of thumbs- now take a careful look to your to your thumb position in the interlocking condition. Now tell what you have found. If you found that your right thumb place over the left thumb then you must have inherited 2 recessive genes and if you found that your left finger cross over the right thumb then you must have 1 or 2 dominant gene inherited.
  • Bent Pinkie-if you able to bend your pinkie finger towards your ring finger then you must have inherited dominant gene.

List of recessive and dominant trait

  • Earlobe Attachment.
  • Cleft Chin.
  • Rolling of tongue.
  • Dimples.
  • Natural Curly Hair.
  • Handedness.
  • Freckles.
  • Color Blindness.
  • Allergies.
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