What is a Dress Rehearsal

A singer is performing in front of huge crowd. There is not only the singer on the stage, but a music band is also there, which are producing the sound. The band is producing flawless sound. You can’t find out a single kind of mistake in the sound. At the same time, there is a dance troop is also there on the stage. More than hundreds of peoples are there in the dance troop. At the time of the performance, the whole troop is dancing as they are like the robots and there are programs embedded into them. None of the troop is doing single step wrongly. The singer is singing perfectly. The musicians are producing music impeccable and the dancers are doing their respective job, without any kind of mistake. If you go to learn a deep about the singer, the musicians and the dancers, then you may find that they are not the part of any single group. The singer may be independent. The musicians are from any group and the dancers are from any other. Then, why they are doing the program collectedly without any error?

This is because they have practiced the same thing once and again together. You can’t expect that more than one hundred people will dance together and match each other’s steps without a single mistake. Is it possible without any practice? It is not impossible, but next to impossible. The only process because of which, they make it possible is nothing else than the dress rehearsal.

No matter you are watching any theater, any live play, drama, musical program or anything else, those have been practiced not a single time but many times before the real show. The perfection in the live performance comes because of the dress rehearsal only.

Have you ever done drama at the time of studying at the school or at the college? If you have ever done that, then just remember how many days, you people had practiced before the live play. If you haven’t taken part in a drama or any other cultural program in your academic career then you can ask to any of your mate, who has done that. It is not possible to perform in front of a crowd without practicing it before.  

In case of movies, the dress rehearsal is a bit different meaning or definition. Hardly any director takes any shot in the first time. They give thumbs up to a scene after taking it at least 4-5 times. Now, just imagine, when great actors are not able to deliver, what the director wants at one shot, then what would happen with others. If you are going to do any liver performance, then do the dress rehearsal as many times as possible. The more time dress rehearsal you will do, the better will be your performance.


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