What is a DSL Filter

A DSL filter stands for Digital Line Subscriber filter which is an analog device and improves the minimizing telephone signal interference with the DSL system. This DSL filter exists like a very small rectangular device connected with RJ11 connectors. When a DSL filter is installed, it acts as a barrier and prevents the interference of low frequency telephone signals with high frequency ADSL system. These filters restrict the problem of Line noise. It is a type of adapter only that fits into a jack. This filter is needed by each and every device such as phone, fax, dial-up modem or other devices which are sharing the phone line that has DSL services as it removes hiss from the line which slows down the performance.

If these noises are not restricted, the high frequency signals from analog devices create the connection problems and hence make the user to compromise with the performance. The voice signals and DSL data signals are carried on a segment of copper wire because the voice and data signals are carried over different frequencies. In real world applications, when both phone and data signals are coming to a user simultaneously then there is interference and this interference is minimized by DSL filter.

The DSL service can be installed by two methods. These methods are: Split, or Splitter-less connection. In case of split method a DSL filter is not required and splitter has to be installed in the main telephone cable. Two lines emerge from the splitter, out of which one line feeds the RJ11 phone jacks and the other line is used for the DSL modem. In the splitter-less connection method, a DSL modem is directly sent to the end user by the ISP. The end user only has to connect the DSL modem with the help of any RJ11 wall jack as the DSL service is sent through the main service line.

To install a DSL filter, the user has to follow a sequence of actions which are to firstly plug the phone and modem into RJ11 jack and then switching on the DSL modem and check whether the computer is connected to the Internet or not. After this the user can check the phone’s dial tone. Similarly it is also possible to install more than one DSL filter and can verify by checking the dial tone for each telephone he or she has connected to.

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