What is a DSL Modem

A DSL Modem is used to deliver high speed communication. DSL modem is a baseband modem i.e. modulator/ demodulator modem. It is used for short distance inter connection. A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem is used to connect to a cable or DSL router. DSL routers are basically Ethernet switches or wireless gateways with built in routing functionality. Thus, they need to be paired with a DSL modem.

There are a number of benefits of using DSL modems. These are:

DSL can provide instantaneous transmission of data, voice and video over ordinary copper phone lines. It is helpful in having a cost effective and uninterrupted LAN interconnection. It provides fast access to mission critical information on corporate intranet servers and the Internet. DSL is least expensive as compared to other services or traditional leased lines. Once installed, it does not have any monthly equipment fees. DSL modems provide high speeds and its bandwidth enables customers to increase performance a number of times as compared to any conventional modem.

DSL modem uses special coding techniques to get maximum throughput from the low bandwidth of copper wire. At either end of the copper phone line or twisted copper pairs a DSL modem is installed. By adding ordinary telephone splitter boxes, the line can handle simultaneous voice connections.

ADSL i.e. Asymmetric DSL, which is one of the standards of DSL, is able to provide different bandwidths to the users. These different bandwidths are provided in upstream as well as in downstream directions and hence make it possible for the users to have much higher downstream speeds than that which is provided in other connections. It also allows the telephone line to be used simultaneously for voice and data transmission.

Symmetric DSL or SDSL means the user gets the same amount of bandwidth to and from the Internet i.e. the upstream and downstream speeds are the same.

Integrated DSL or IDSL is a line that uses ISDN technology to deliver transmission speeds. It allows extended distances between the user location and the central office. It is a dedicated service for data communications only.

Once the user is having a DSL modem, the user can set up the computer own without having any need of expert. Thus saves installation costs as well.

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