What is a Dual Core Processor

Since the introduction of the computers in late 1940’s where we made use of large room sized computers to the latest gazettes of the twenty first century the work has been continuously carried out to improve the performance and with respect to it the costs.

from the introduction of chips to the transistors they have really boost up the performance and decreased the size, due to these availability of devices and the efficient working different Operating Systems were designed which are based on the higher operational speed and concepts like multitasking, multiprocessing, multithreading.

These processes require the higher processing and operational speed which is offered by the processors. As it is very well known fact that the CPU is the brain of the computer and performs all the logical and reasoning processes for that. And processors is the heart of the CPU, it is the processor inside the CPU which handles all the operations and activities.

As with the increase in the multiprogramming and the multithreading and multiprocessing computing the demand for the more utilization of CPU arouse, and a single processor is not able to process all these request and fulfill the demands. As the number of programs running at a same time increased for example at the same time a user can update his antivirus in addition to it running an application and installing software and taking on Skype. These all processes cannot be easily handled by a single processor so it requires more than a single processor.

A dual core processor is a CPU which consists of two processors running together and sharing the processes. A dual core processor works as follows,

Firstly all the processes are running on a single CPU processor until the number of processes increases from a specific level. Once the processes has reached a level then to cope up with the increased demand the CPU then ask the other processor from its Dual Core that has been installed, to share the load and take the load of extra processes on it. Due to this the CPU do not lags in processing the information and cause delays.

This surely increases the operating speed and the concurrent access of different programs, which in turn makes a CPU more efficient and effective to work on. Still thou this technology is not that much efficient as the demand is increasing day by day so new technologies are being worked on but still the Dual Core has really showed doors to the efficient programming.

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