What is a Fabric Steamer

A fabric steamer is a device which uses steam to remove wrinkles from clothes. Commercial grade fabric steamers have been in use for more than a century.  In modern times compact models and mini models have also hit the market and they cater to the needs of different types of users. The mini fabric steamer is the most suitable for the general public as it can be carried while traveling also and it can be used for touch ups in a hurry. Early compact models become popular because they were used very commonly on men’s hats. Before the availability of compact and mini fabric models becoming easy, steam from tea kettles was used by people to remove wrinkles from hats.

Fabric Steamer vs Flat Iron

The advent of the fabric steamer has helped to avoid the use of flat irons for removing wrinkles from clothes. Steam from the fabric steamer rather than heat from the iron is used to remove wrinkles. Instead of flattening the fabrics as is done by the iron, the fabric steamer relaxes the surface of the fiber removing the wrinkles. The clothes are handled more gently using the mini fabric steamer unlike the iron exerting pressure on the clothes and if the heat is not properly controlled it burns the clothing. The action of the fabric steamer is also faster than that of an iron.

Advantages of using Fabric Steamer

  • Since the fabric steamer goes easy on the clothing it is ideal for use on velvet, velveteen, and other soft fabrics.
  • The crushing of the fabric is avoided totally and if you want to use an iron you will a needle board.
  • The fabric steamer does not exert any pressure on the material being steamed and the feel and look of the material is retained fully after the steaming.
  • Apart from velvet, silk and satin clothing can also last longer if used with a fabric steamer rather than iron.
  • Apart from removing wrinkles from clothing they can be used generally on curtains, drapes, upholstery on furniture etc.

Mini Fabric steamer: the travel-mate!

The mini fabric steamer is a very good travelling companion. It gives you the feeling of freedom if you have to get your clothing removed of wrinkles at the place you stay. Rather than sending it to the laundry for getting your clothes pressed, you can use the fabric steamer you are carrying and get the work done quickly. It also enables you to travel lightly because you do not have to carry a lot of clothing so that you can look your best while attending important meetings. The mini fabric steamer is small and light to carry with you and works very fast for producing the steam. 

So, this was all about fabric steamer which has be refined by new technology to overcome the disadvantage of flat irons. It has the capability to save money as it is very easy to use unlike flat irons and doesn’t consumer high voltage as well. It is available at reasonable price, starting from $25 to $60. 

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