What Is a Fashion Collection

Fashion never remains constant. With every new day, we witness a new trend in the market. Every designer comes up with his line of couture every season and the selection of his attires reflect the trends that would be seen in the upcoming season. This is called a fashion collection. It includes the designs, hues, cuts and line of the attires. There are a number of styles that are included in a fashion collection like party wear, sportswear, casual wear and many more. The coordination of the design, style and the color makes it a fashion collection.

A fashion designer can come up with one or two fashion collection every year. The designers design according to the season and so they can come up with their fashion line for a summer season and then a winter season. The number of designs that a designer comes up in his fashion collection are minimum 30 and maximum 120.

Once the designer has done all the work which includes designing, choosing the fabric, getting it tailored and finished in the end, the designer chooses to display them for the celebrities and public to have a look at them, he puts them in a fashion show. Models are made to wear them and showcase the collection on the ramp. The celebrities, other designers, manufacturers and retailers are invited to the show to see the collection and buy them as well. According to the attire, every model has a different make up and a different hair style that goes with the collection and also attracts the viewers. The fashion show not only takes place in one country but many. The hub of fashion includes London, Chicago, New York and Paris.

The fashion collection involves expensive attires as they have a designer name attached with them. Also, the designers use expensive fabrics and other materials to make them highly attractive and durable to the retailers and other viewers. Fashion students at their graduation level are also made to have their own fashion collection and display them in a fashion show.

Designer often have an haute couture collection in which the designs are made for an individual customer which are either for the celebrities or are made on order. They are quite expensive than the rest of the collection. The mass collection has a collection for the masses and they are not expensive at all. The ready to wear collection lies between the haute couture collection and collection for masses. They are not made in large numbers but the best quality is used in their making.

The fashion collection is basically aimed at predicting the fashion trends of the upcoming season. The successful designers are able to predict the upcoming trend after conducting a survey on the fashion market.