What is a Favicon

A favicon is defined as the file which contains shortcut icons, small in size, generally of 16×16 pixels. Favicon is abbreviated form of Favourite icon. Favicon can also be termed as bookmark icon. Favicon can be created by the website designer and can be used in the website by installing that icon in that website. You can see the favicon of any website or webpage in the address bar of the browser. For this, the browser must be favicon supported.

A favicon can be installed by changing the filename extension of the image to .ico. A web designer uses the image he wants to use as the representation of the website by changing its filename extension and placing it in the root directory of the website. For example if anyone has to create a image as the favicon of its website and the name of the image is favicon, then firstly they must change the filename extension from favicon to favicon.ico and place it in the root directory such as www.abcd.com/favicon .ico.

The first browser which was designed to support the favicons was invented in 1999. The invension was by the Microsoft, and the name of the browser was Internet Explorer 5. The favicon can also be placed in the bookmark, that’s why this is also known as Bookmark Icon. There you can see the favicon by the side of website name.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) gave the standardization to the favicon with the recommendation of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in December 1999 and afterwards with the recommendation of XHTML in January 2000.

Later on, the favicon made collaboration with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The browsers which support the favicon are Netscape Navigator 7, Internet Explorer 5, and Internet Explorer 6 etc. Any of these browsers will display the favicons in a condition when the favicon is placed in the bookmark list of that browser.

Favicons are also supported by the device like mobile phones in which operating systems such as Android, Windows 7 etc. are installed.

When there is internet connection of low speed, the favicons will take a little time in loading (displaying). It depends on the size of the favicon. The main demerit of the favicon is that some web hosting service provider does not allow the use of favicon.

A favicon is the small used to represent a webpage. The size of favicon can vary as per the usage. It is designed by the web designer and used for the website by installing it in the website. Favicon is also known as bookmark icon, a website icon or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) icon.