What Is a Fellowship

Fellowship is basically a grant given to the pursuant for training or study to facilitate working on a specific project. It covers miscellaneous expenses involved in carrying out training study or project. Fellowship programs are mostly offered to post graduate students who are looking forward to carry out research in their field of interest.

Fellowship is the medical training period in US andCanadausually preceded by a specialty training schedule. StanfordschoolofEducationoffers fellowship programs in the field of hematology and oncology. Fellows applying for this program are supported during the period of training by the school. Main aim is to indulge people in research programs to encourage constant improvement in medical science.

Fellowship program is not restricted to medical field. Most of the fields of study have fellowship programs. In fact, fellowship is a financial help extended to deserving students to complete their formal studies in the field of their choice. Fellowships are granted by various nonprofit organizations. These non profits pick up students from technology, entertainment, design etc and bear the expenses related to tuition, mentoring and conferences. Some fellowships cover airfare too.

Fellowship in finance area is aimed at achieving management competencies to run an organization efficiently. This program includes fist hand interaction with the senior management of established organizations. Fellows are rotated in various departments for better learning and understanding about the working of that department. As a fellow, candidate is made to attend regular meetings with senior financial mentors to understand the practicality of project management.

Fellowship finds a deeper in meaning in spiritual context. Gathering of people with like interest but with an aim to experience and achieve is also fellowship. It is deeper association than simple companionship. People with like thoughts interact, enjoy and accept each others’ views to move to a more common thought. It can more understandably be called as association of common faiths. People with common ideology, say a group of churches, can indulge into the concept of fellowship.

Fellowship in education is granted through training programs. These programs are run throughout the year by different institutes at different times of the year. One can apply for any one of these programs as per their availability at the time of application.

In the field related to world health, WHO organizes fellowships programs within and outside the fellow’s country. WHO fellowship programs are awarded in these fields: national health planning, maternal and child health, family planning, occupational health and many others. These subjects are of international importance and exchange of knowledge and expertise is carried out across countries to introduce newly developed measures. In-country fellowships are encouraged a lot by WHO. However, some applicants may be chosen for studying measures in foreign countries which are not available in the country.