What is a Fight Song

“Fight song”- What does this term refer to? Is it something related to any fight or disturbance? No, but that’s not correct. A fight song is referred to the song which is associated and specifically composed or written for a sports team which primarily started with Canadian and American sports teams. However it is no more confined only to America but has become a general trend in all over the world. Fight songs represent to the way of cheering one’s own team in all forms of sports, both professional and proletarian. It is also referred to a piece of music that excites the crowd at a concert.


Many schools and colleges have their own fight songs in support of their mates for all the levels of sports represented by them and hence the same fight songs are played for any sport their institution is taking part into. There are fight songs for specific teams rather than related to any organization. These songs help in boosting the physical and moral support of both the players and the fans present there to cheer their teams.


Fight songs become a source of fortitude and spirit for the students and their teams. The lyrics of these songs are always inspirational and motivating which retains the ability to keep up the hopes in moments of tense situations. A fight song of a college or university is actually a game song which is written to enhance the spirit amongst players to succeed the match. When the song is made to play, it will enchant the emotions and zest to achieve something in life. It enhances the sportsmanship in winning the game. There are fight songs which are played strictly after winning the game. They are called domination fight songs which are played to rejoice the triumphant moments.


Fight songs are known by several other terms also like team anthems or himnos equipos or sometimes simply referred as team songs in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. But one must not confuse fight songs with stadium anthems which might also be used for the same purpose. A fight song is written with basic rhyming lyrics and composed with simple beats so that anybody joining the crowd in cheering could pick up the song in no time. These songs not only entertain the crowd but are very expressive about the feelings and hopes of success.


“Boomer Sooner” was one of the most recognizable fight songs of college which has an effect of evoking the gusto from Oklahoma fans and the song still stays as a defining element of the University of Oklahoma.


Good music has time and again proved to be magical, isn’t it?