What is a Film Crew

Rome was not built in a day so is applied to films. Have you ever seen a movie being shot on location? If you have, you would be sure to marvel at all the effort that goes into it. The director’s chair would be somewhere midst of the melee. There, you can find someone who will be pouting out all the directions to the actors and extras. However, the real people in charge would be the technicians and artists, who would work devotedly to get everything perfect. The cinematographer would be perched on the top to capture the actor’s movements and actions from the sky above. The sound team would rush in with the sound systems and audio recorders. And there would be the lighting camera guys or even the clap boys behind the scenes. These people and others make up a film crew.

More than the director or the actors, it is the effort of these talented people that makes a movie really work. The director is the one who imagines how the scriptwriter’s work will be filmed and pictured on the silver screen. The actors are the ones, who will go in sync with the director’s ideas and thoughts. These are challenging tasks. But the directors would need the extra crew of technicians and artists to do the job fully and perfectly. This is where the photographers, musicians, sound recorders and art directors come into play. Each member of the crew performs an exclusive function or task on his or herself. These tasks need to be performed with the skill and ability. The result will be a perfect portrait of a script and the director’s idea.

The art department is a crucial part of the crew. When the film is expensive or ambitious, the art direction is an important aspect. This is because the sets and landscapes have to be erected and built. This should not be a mediocre or commonplace task. The set decorators are the ones, who will decorate and make up the sets behind the actors in any sequence. The art directors will help to bring about a suitable co-ordination of the colors and designs in the background. The art department has to make everything convincing yet also artistic or beautiful. Moreover, their requirements might change with the script or premise of the film. So, art direction is quite a challenging task in any film.

The art department will also cover other areas like costumes and makeup. There are a number of people, who will be involved in designing and making outfits for the characters. There will also be many artists, assistants and art consultants, who will be doing much of the hard work for the art directors and other departmental supervisors. The cameras and sound equipment are also handled by a number of people other than the cinematographer or the sound editors and mixers. These include gaffers, or assistant cinematographers, lighting cameramen, clap boys and others who are also required for some menial tasks in shooting a film and recording the dialogues and music in any film.

Then, there are the supervisors, who will look over the production process as well as writing. The production managers, line producers and production supervisors will monitor in detail the overall aspects of the film being made. They will also like to see how the producer’s funds are being allotted to making the film. To get all the technical aspects right, there would be more people. These would include director’s assistants, unit directors and story boarders. There would also be assistants, who would be required to help out the scriptwriters. These would be script assistants and consultants. These people will help the writers to write a script that is convincing. They would also provide insights into writing screenplays.

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