What is a FireWire Port

FireWire port is used to transfer data between computer and peripherals with the help of a specific cable. It acts as an interface. The computer system may be able to connect too many different types of FireWire devices which can be printers, external hard drives, digital camera etc… But it depends upon the ports which the computer system and peripheral devices supports.

FireWire port is like a USB cable but it allows the data transfer at a much faster rate as compared to a USB. This is why a FireWire port is better for the user is he or she has to perform video transfer (USBs are efficient for photo transfer). A FireWire card is to be installed into the computer system first before the FireWire ports can be used by the users. The cables are available in a variety. These are generally a 4 to 4 pin cable, a 4 to 6 pin cable or a 6 to 6 pin cable. By looking at the device’s FireWire port and the computer FireWire’s port, the user can get an idea that what type of FireWire he or she has to buy. Generally most of the laptops are having 4 pin outlets.

There are two standards of FireWire. These are FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. The higher number means it has higher data rates i.e. FireWire 800 is twice as fast as FireWire 400 port but a port called eSATA port is fastest than all these ports. FireWire port is used by devices which require very fast data transfer rates. The quality of video image is not affected when running an attached video as using a FireWire reserves some bandwidth to be used with video equipment’s. FireWire allows to chain up to 63 devices per port.

FireWire connections are created directly between two independent devices. Making use of a FireWire port to establish a connection gives the advantage to the users as they are provided with higher data rates.This also eliminates the need for uploading photos to a hard drive and then initiating a printing process if attached to a camera.

If there is no FireWire port installed, the user should take a look at the external ports of the computer. FireWire port is smaller than a USB port and is located near these ports. It looks like a small rectangle with angled corners on one side and four small teeth.