What is a Fishing Boat

A fishing boat is one among the fishing vessels to catch fish, be it from sea, lake or a river. Early vessels, which were termed as rafts and canoes, were constructed with tree bark called coracles, had restricted capability requiring high maintenance and could not be used for long distance from shore as they could just float and move on water. However such boats were primarily used for fishing and even hunting. Then a development of these boats took place along with time of trade and war where navigators started using animal skin or fabrics for sail which was affixed to a pole set upright on the boat, giving the boats more range for voyages.

Gradually a variety of resilient materials like aluminum, steel and fiberglass were started to be used for constructing these fishing vessels. While smaller vessels used fiberglass, bigger vessels required steel for high durability. The vessels were also constructed keeping in mind, space to carry tones of bait, salt, food and accommodation for the crew and also return space for the fishes caught. They carried an anchor along to allow fishing in the same spot for long hours.

Fishing vessels are classified into three kind namely commercial vessels, artisanal vessels and recreational fishing vessels.

  • Commercial vessels involve in big scale fishing and focus on high fish catching power. There are maritime organizations formed to draw regulations on the construction, design, operation, equipment used and manning of these commercial fishing vessels. It is considered as a high risk industry involving accidents in the mid sea.
  • Artisan fishing on the other hand refers to small scale fishing for commercial purposes usually done by heritage or customary groups who use traditional boats and techniques for catching fishes. Such coastal ethnic groups use subsistence practices for fishing. While most of these fishing vessels are decked and mechanized, rest are undecked out of which some use outboard engines for power and remaining continues to use the conventional sail and oars for operation. Many countries have started making their own traditional fishing boats using local materials, depending on their specific requirements of fisheries and sea conditions of respective areas.
  •  Recreational fishing boats as the name suggests are vessels used for fishing as a hobby or sport and not for survival or sale. Some forms of fishing tackles like net, hook or sinkers are carried along and fishes are caught for recreational purposes. Recreational fishing boats can range from small dingies, kayaks, pontoon boats and canoes to big game luxurious boats and cruising yachts. Large recreational fishing boats are often designed to have big, open cockpits for the sake of convenient fishing.

Thus the sport of fishing or angling is never difficult with varied options of fishing boats available at your disposal.