What Is a Fissure

Fissure is a disease, which is due to any tear or cut in the anal region. You can cure this disease within few days itself. For advanced stage, surgery is needed.


Anal fissure may occur at any age group but it is frequent among kids. As the age increases, anal fissure decreases. In adult groups, this disease cause due to constipation, hard stools or diarrhea. As the age pauses it occurs due to decreased blood flow. After childbirth it is a widespread disease among women.


The symptoms of fissure are: you can feel burning pain during bowel movements and it can last for prolonged time. You will have an itching sensation, which lead to discharge some yellowish fluid and blood along with the fecal. Sometimes anal fissure will not have any symptoms but you can see the blood along with the stools. As soon as you see any one of these symptoms, consults with a doctor. Do not go for medications on your own.


Anal fissure is diagnosed by seeing the anus. When a doctor diagnoses this disease he/she will do digital rectal examination or anoscope will be used. These examinations will not be done if you have a severe pain; doctor will say you to wait until the pain heal. In emergency cases topical anesthetic will be used by the skin experts. Doctor will find other causes for this disease during diagnosis. If you have more fissures then you are suffering from a special bowel disease named as inflammatory disease, HIV infection, anal cancer, tuberculosis or syphilis.


Some of the treatments undergone sin fissures are:

  • Cleanse the affected area more softly
  • Eat more water foods where it will be absorbed by intestinal tract
  • Apply muscle relaxants
  • Sitz bath
  • Apply petroleum jelly to the affected area
  • Apply numbing cream
  • Stool softeners
  • Anal muscle can be relaxed with help of doing minor surgery and anal sphincter.

Newer treatments are avails for the people who are suffering with the anal fissures, will be treated without operating the body. This disease will be healed by injecting the botulism toxin and this will deteriorate the anal muscles. Since, it is a non surgical operation, it ensures for quick and successful recovery

Prevention guidelines for fissure:

Fissures also occurs in kids, so change the diaper periodically and for other age people follow the below guidelines.

  • Keep your anal region dehydrated
  • If moisture is there wipe it with cotton
  • Avoid scratching the rectum

So follow the prevention techniques which are mentioned above and be at the safer side forever. Lead a healthy life. Have a good day!