What is a Fob

Key Fob is a custom application designed and owned by Delphi corporations (Delphi is one of the top global position holders in field of automotive technologies and electronics). Key fob is smart phone based security tool for the vehicles that provide continuous information transmission between driver and vehicle, this data is reliable and totally secure. We can say it’s just like the normal key that hangs in the key chain but a bit more advance. As more and more people own smart phones now a day and the number of smart phone users is increasing rapidly, this tool might be a good place holder of other security tools.

 A small hardware device that possesses an attached authenticating system with authenticating software installed on the smart phone which is able to connect and unlock the vehicle. Besides this the software keeps a track of fuel and oil position in the vehicle. This system let the driver know about refueling or changing the oil. Data that can be accessed using Key Fob includes the pressure in tyres, configuration of AC, maintenance of warning and alerts, conditions regarding the mileage, level of fuel,  identity of the driver and owner of the vehicle and much more related factors. It can even detect down a position and location of the vehicle. This technology is more reliable and better way of security system than the use of password because a password can be stolen by anyone without even the owner knows about the theft. But in case of Key Fob there is a PIN (personal identification number) that states that the user is the owner of the device. The authenticated pin number provides a security check in the form a hardware so that the person can easily know if it has been stolen. The system of password cannot be reliable because if it would be stolen it might be going on used by any other person besides the owner for a long time without noticing that it has been leaked out.

Key Fob uses Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to provide secured authentication. Both of these services are free of cost. The communication range of the device is approximately 200 meters that is 650 feet. The user can use their smart phones to view important information of the vehicle remotely. The technology is based on the free availability of network connection, software installation and processing system. it becomes more potential when provides information about the automobile through a remote interface when the device is situated out of network coverage area. There is useful telematics connection in order to overcome the problem of vehicle locating beyond the range of Bluetooth.