What is a Fourteener

There are some important aspects of mountaineering, which a person should know if they are interested in mountain climbing. A person who is going for mounting climbing knows a term known as Fourteener. This term is stated when a mountain peak is on the height of 14k Feet, above the height of sea level. The characteristics, which a Fourteener holds is different from other mountain peaks then only it, will be different. As there are various Fourteener mountains all across universe, you will be able to know about them by the characteristics, which they possess.

This term is used in the United States of America and rest of the world is using it and have introduced in the metric system. This way, heights of other mountain peaks, which are available in this world, are calculated. To bring a mountain in the category of Fourteener there are some particular guidelines which are to be followed. There is a complete list of Fourteener mountain peaks available online at various websites so that you are able to know and acquire knowledge about these mountain peaks. The highest Fourteener is in “Colorado”, Unites States of America. Scientists and other experts of mountains are taking out different aspects and parameters on which they are able to calculate the height in a better manner. Calculating the height of the mountain is a difficult task, but with help of technology, there are various equipments, which you can take into use to calculate the height of the mountain, by which you can put it in the category of fourtneers. 

It has been reported and stated by some of the world best mountaineers that climbing a Fourteener are an experience, which they will never forget. It is something that will surely give a wonderful experience. They have also said that, the view, which they have got after reaching the top of a Fourteener, is marvelous and gives an exhilarating experience to the mountaineer. Mountain climbers from all across the world have stated that they will always go for a Fourteener in comparison to other mountain peaks as the can get some experience and will be ready to climb some of the tallest mountains in this world. People going for a Fourteener have a logbook with them so that they can record the activities and sessions, which they are going through while they are scaling the heights of a Fourteener. They have said that recording the activities will surely help them and other budding mountaineers to experience the heights of a Fourteener and other mountain peaks, which are renowned all across the world. Experts have stated and said that once you start scaling a Fourteener, you will surely get addicted towards it.