What Is a Functional Resume

Let us first see the meaning of a resume. The resume is a document that shows the background and the skill set of an individual in one look. It has to be short and precise document which should be enough to talk about the skills of the person. It is mainly used by people looking for new jobs. It gives the prospective employer an idea about the skills and the background of the applicant.

The resume may be made in three ways, they are chronological resume, functional resume and a combination resume. The chronological resume talks about the recent works and achievements of the applicant. The functional resume is that which focuses only on the skill sets of the applicant without giving any emphasis on the background or where the person has worked before.

Functional resume can be very useful for some kind of people who want to highlight their skills and achievements but do not want to discuss about their past work experience. The functional resume should be designed in such a way that the prospective employer should have no queries about the past details. It should be logically placed and should highlight the achievements and the skills.

In a typical functional resume after the name of the applicant, the education should be specified. In this section all the relevant education details should be given making special mention if there are any academic achievements. This should be followed by any extra qualification or certification that the applicant has done. These should also be mentioned in a chronological order. Then comes the main set of the skill set. This should include all that the applicant is capable of doing. He should be able to relate his skills to the kind of job he is applying for. Then the last thing to be mentioned should be the achievements that the applicant has made in the past. This could include his achievements in the previous jobs.

The main advantage of the functional resume is that it helps the applicant in concealing the facts that he does not want to reveal. This can include the previous company he worked in or if he has had gaps in his careers it can be hidden. If the applicant has changed too many jobs he may not want to disclose that fact. A functional resume is the best thing for a fresher where it will give him the opportunity to talk about his skills and knowledge.

The only disadvantage that the functional resume can have is that the hiring manger may become suspicious about certain things that he would want to know but the resume does not tell that.