What Is a Gigabyte

Synopsis about Gigabytes
The word Gigabytes is derived from the Greek word which means Giant. Like the unit kilo means one thousand, unit mega means ten lacs and similarly the unit Giga means hundred crores. But the time when these units are functionally applied to the computer storage machine or the memory storage and the disk drives the expressions have conventionally been understood in the binary terms, basically because these computers concentrate on the storage by using the binary systems. The storage of computer which includes the disk drives generally mentioned in the binary system which represents units in KB, MB, and GB. But some years before, some manufactures of the disk drive planned to transform the system by which the drives were rated and so they started the symbol of bytes as millions and billions instead of using the binary system of MB, KB and GB.

On the other hand, the operating system that works in binary also reports about the size of drive in binary system. So in case if you plan to buy a disk drive which promotes as a drive of 30 GB may perhaps means that the drive has a capacity of 30 billion bytes.  The IEC has offered the use of term GiB which would mean and denote the binary system, and use of term GB to denote the decimal system. Regrettably this concept is not extensively applied and so the concept is not extensively understood.

Uses of Giga Bytes
In earlier days where capacity of data storage and the storage device was very less but with the development of the Gigabytes system the storage and the memory capacity and the capacity of storage device capacity have drastically increased. In the earlier days Floppy disc was used to store the data from computer and their capacity was just 1.44 MB, but now a day with the introduction of the Gigabytes the pen drives or the external hard disc are available in the market up to the capacity of 32 GB. The smart phones which are the blessings of the latest and advanced technology are also inbuilt with the Gigabytes memory cards. The use of Gigabyte technology is increasing drastically in the arena of technology. Earlier the processor was used for enhancing the speed of the computer which was available in the MB units but with the increase of technology and awareness about the Gigabytes the processor is also available in GB unit. The term Gigabytes have not only increased the storage capacity of the computer but have also increased the memory and speed of the system.