What is a Girdle

Girdle has various meanings. The primary meaning of girdle is anything that goes around. Lets start the various meanings associated with the word girdle. The first meaning would be anything that goes around any other thing or encircles something. So a belt worn by men or women would be called a girdle, although originally girdle was the name given to a wide belt worn by women around the torso to give the waist a thinner look. This replaced the corset which was worn earlier and was rather cruel way of making the waist look thin. An elastic corset of women which goes around the entire waist for back or lumber support can also be called a girdle.

In the human body it refers to any bones that go around the body. The ring made when bark is removed from the tree in part is also called a girdle. It may be partial removal of bark or complete cutting. It is also used in place of the word encircling.

The oldest usage of girdle is typically associated with the woman’s belt. The reference to girdles can be found in texts of various religions including bible. In various mythologies girdles held magical powers and even a Babylonian goddess has been portrayed as wearing a girdle. Even men used girdles in ancient times but these were primarily used for holding arms like the sword. Hence the girdles came to be associated with power with the course of time. These were thought to have magical properties. The belief in them was so much so that these were even considered to keep the woman safe from sexual attacks and till the mid of the 20th century it was literally mandatory for women to wear them. In the present times these are worn by women for completely different reasons. They are made in elastics and made with supports for holding up stockings which primarily becomes useful for showing off legs. These are also used for making the wait look slender and giving the figure a perfect look.

It is also worn in by men in the present time primarily in high risk sports. It is worn by the American football players to keep the pads in place which are needed due to the extreme nature of the sports. It is also used in ice-hockey for holding the various pads in place providing protection again the damage from the puck.

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