What is a Glycerin Suppository

A suppository is a drug delivery system that is use to infuse medications through rectum, vagina or urethra where they can dissolve. A suppository is inserted in solid form but inside it get dissolves to deliver the medicine to required area of the body.

In glycerin suppository, glycerin is inserted into our body. It is very helpful in treating constipation by irritating the lining of the intestine and escalating the amount of fluid, and thus helping stool to pass effortlessly. It provides gentle, timely and successful relief from constipation.

The following steps should be followed to use glycerin suppository:-

Firstly wash your hands properly. Open the package and dip the tip in cold water it is soft to use. Bring your knees up near your chest and slowly insert the suppository in your rectum then use your finger to push it completely. Stay in this position for about 15 minutes, and then get up and wash your hands. Retain this suppository before you begin to feel the urge to have a bowel movement. The suppository will produce a bowel movement within 1 hour.

There are some conditions in which your doctor before using this suppositories. These are:-

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. If you are taking any other prescribed medicine, herbal medicine or any other dietary supplement. If you have allergy to medicine.

If you are using these suppositories then it is just a short term relief from constipation but after using it if you are still suffering from constipation then you should concerned with your doctor.

It is not necessary to take this laxative if you believe then you should go to toilet everyday because in some normal cases many people do not go to toilet every day. Try avoiding those foods that can make constipation worst like pastries, puddings, sugar, sweets, cakes etc.

The common sides effect of this medicine are :-

Anal irritations Burning sensation Diarrhea, gas, stomach pain

Dehydration due to fluid loss in diarrhea

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