What is a Groupie

A person, especially females who enjoys sexual and emotional relationship with a musical group is known as a groupie. Groupie refers to a person which stays with a group like a rock band. However, in   real world it is a disrespectful word assigned to a female fan of a rock band who is only interested in having sexual relationship with the band members irrespective of their music.

How the word groupie came into existence?

Before the death of John Lennon in 1980 the security for rock groups were not top notch and females fans were easily allowed to mingle with the band. Groupies came into existence in the psychedelic era of the late 60’s and early 70’s. At that time USA was going through a rough and almost every teenager were involved in the drug scene. High profile celebrities like Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, George Harrison, Bob Dylan etc. have said many times about their one night stands with female fans. Later on these groupies were seen touring with the rock band. These groupies were called half-wives or half-girlfriends as they use to take care of their rock idol especially about their drug, valuables,wardrobe and their social lives as well.

However, later on many girls used their sexual relationship to fulfill their expensive drug addictions and many were seen with the band only for drugs.

Groupies, who made the headlines!

Nancy Spungen, groupie of the punk band Sex pistols and Pamela Des Barres are renowned groupies. Pamela claims that she has sexual relationship with every rock star of the 70’s and 80’s. Pamela has even wrote two books, I’m with the Band and Take another little piece of heart- A groupie groups up, in these books she has given a detailed view of her experience as a groupie.

Nancy Spungen shared a highly publicized relationship with Sid Vicious. Her death become the famous news of the early 80’s as Sid was accused for her murder.

Baby groupies

In late 70’s many young teenagers were seen at the backstage of every rock concert. These teenagers named baby groupies. Young 14 year old girls went backstage to have fun with their rock idols and they  were allowed to do so. Sable Starr is among the famous baby groupies of that time.   

Groupies in movies and songs

Many songs by famous musicians referred to groupies such as Apple Scruffs and She came in through the window from the Beatles, Dirty Diana from Micheal Jackson. Kate Hudson notably played a groupie in the film, Almost Famous. She played a role which was inspired by the life of Sable Starr.

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