What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment

Everybody is fond of healthy and a shinny hair.  Some people are born with beautiful hair, while has to acquire with some diligent effort.  Hair gloss treatment is an effective way to take care of the hair color with extra shine that penetrates deep inside the hair cuticle.  This treatment is highly lucrative for the remedies for the dull hair and gives your hair a good doze of lustrous boost.  There is various hair gloss treatment available, but the safest would be hair homemade deep conditioners however, with some good beauty products, you can treat your hair for glamorous look.

Now let us check it out what are essential products that you would require for hair glossing.  Things that needs to be in the kit are, moisturizing shampoo, intensive conditioner, Clairol professional moisture-rich color gloss in C (clear shine), Clairol professional radiance color infuser, gloves, hair color bottle, plastic hair cap.

Few steps for learning about the procedure gloss treatment.


  • First step requires you to shampoo your hair.  One can use daily shampoo since the same would clear all the hair styling products and allow hair to absorb the maximum hair gloss treatment.
  • Put on the gloves and mix up the glossing treatment products like professional color gloss with the radiance color infuser in the hair color bottle.  Apply the mixture on hair; take an appropriate amount mixture, as is given in the instruction.  Shake up the bottle to get good results and apply on hair evenly to get natural shine.
  • Once you are finish with the application of the solution, cover your hair with the plastic cap.  This would protect your hair from any foreign particles.
  • You need to keep it on the hair nearly half an hour and after that, you can rinse your hair properly.
  • You can also apply a good conditioner in order to get good result.

However, there are other methods also available in the market, but you can prefer homemade methods for hair glossing treatment.  These methods are easy and you can find the raw material in the kitchen and local stores.

Homemade recipes for beautiful hair

  1. First mix both honey and vegetable oil, and apply the mixture on the hair.
  2. You can also use ½ cup of molasses and spread it properly on the damp hair.  Cover hair by shower or plastic cap and rinse your hair after half an hour with Luke warm water.
  3. Finally prepare a good hair pack by using one ripe avocado, and then peel it and simultaneously squeeze it to and one cup of mayonnaise.  Gently apply on the hair and rinse it with warm water after 20 minutes, finally do a proper shampoo.

Moreover, there is natural hair treatment that gives you a great natural healthy hair.  For instance, you can apply hot oil treatment, natural henna treatment.  Treating your hair with white vinegar, all you can do by adding only tablespoon to water and rinse the hair thoroughly.  This would help in enhancing the PH balance of the hair giving a boost to natural hair glossing to the hair.