What is a Hangover

Severally, you might have come across the conditions of some drunken colleague who feels severe headache and unstable condition in the morning when he had consumed much of the liquor, more than his capacity, in the preceding night. As he moves to make himself stable, his condition worsens more and more. The room seems to be spinning as he moves his head or body to adjust himself. He is in the state of hangover.

There are no set statutes to consider the sate of Hangover as alcohol reacts differently with every drinker. Every drinker has his own capacity to adjust different quantity of alcohol but it is obvious that the state of hangover comes closer with consumption of every next peg of alcohol.

Signs of hangover

Hangover can be recognized by two types of unpleasant signs: one of them is due to dehydrating effect of the alcohol and the other is due to toxic reaction alcohol on our system. The lever, brain, main nervous and sensing system alongwith gastrointestinal system of the body of alcohol drinker gets affected by the excessive consumption of alcohol. It can adversely effect on the concentration, attention, mood, sleep and general mental condition of the drinker.

Reasons of hangover

Hangover is generally experienced due to the toxic reaction of alcohol with our body system. It is caused by experiencing a combination of dehydration, reduction of vitamin A, B and C and metabolic changes in alcohol due to chemical reaction with our system. This is because of the overdose of the depressing drink taken and the consequent reaction of the nervous system alongwith reduction in the level of nutrients and vitamins that may cause shocks to the body structure which is fighting to adjust the situation. This is the main cause of confusions and bewilderness in the state of hangover.

Hangover is mainly caused by the presence of several impurities in the toxic drinks called Congeners and consuming such drugs. Different variants of alcohol react differently with the system of the drinker and it varies with the variation of their quantity in any toxic liquor. The variation of these congeners determines the severity of the hangover. The quantity of acetaldehyde in the already opened bottle of alcohol lying in your cupboard since last week shows greater hangover results than a freshly opened bottle of alcohol.

Curing from hangover

The effect of hangover can be reduced by adopting various conventional measures which may or may not react equally on every individual. More prominently hangover gets away automatically within 24 hours, depending upon its severity. Taking rest to waive off the consequences of hangover is one more remedy to reduce hangover. Or to take a quick home remedy just squeeze 2 lemon’s juice in a glass of water that will give a good relief. Thus, hangover is a very disgusting condition which is experienced by the over drinking of alcohol.



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