What is a Hard Copy

Hard copy is the copy that is printed (can be printed pages or copies or any document) and can also be touched physically. It makes it easy for the person to read out whatever needs to be communicated. Hard copies are much reliable as through these copies the information can be retained even after a longer period of time and hence are used for many different purposes. Soft copies refer to digital formats of a document (can be a Word document or pdf or on any CD etc…)

The hard copy can be read by the person at any time he wants to go through it and mainly in hard copy all the information is contained which the person in fact is unable to deliver it to the people. There are many advantages of a hard copy. These are:

These copies are preferred over Soft copies (or electronic version) in case of reproduction. Important and official documents are usually preserved in hard copy form to create a record of the material. A hard copy can also be read by anyone at any time, as it requires no assistance from external devices. In case of failure of any electronic system, the hard copy is not affected but can be physically lost or damaged but cannot be corrupted or lost in the same way that a computer document can.

Hard copy is directly used by the person and hence the hard copy may be of different items. The hard copy must be of permanent nature and hence nothing in the hard copy can be changed at all at any particular time interval. Some of the famous examples of a hard copy are: computer printed pages; the tapes in the printed form.

Many people generate electronic and hard copy versions of important material. This is because, the loss of any one of those may not result in a total washout of data or information for the person and hence is preserved keeping in mind the security.

One of the disadvantages of using hard copy is that; if it needs to be transported from one place to another then it needs to be physically carried and this results in taking a lot of time depending upon the distance to be travelled. On the other hand, the electronic documents can be transmitted through electronic system within seconds also and it does not matter what the distance to be covered is.

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