What is a Hard Drive

A hard drive is also called hard disk and it is found inside the computer’s brain that is CPU. Hard disk contains all the information that you have stored in your computer. Hard disk or hard drive is also known as fixed drive, fixed disk, fixed disk drive or HDD. It is sometimes also called as C: drive that is the prime partition of the hard disk in any system. This partition is by default available in all the systems. Hard drive is another storage device which uses multiple magnetic disks called platters mounted on a control spindle like stack of rigid diskettes. These disks are enclosed in a sealed container.

It is a non removable form of storage device. The hard disk usually contains number of read/write heads to read and write the data on the disks are enclosed in a single unit. It also includes a motor that spins the platter. On each platter, there is a thin layer of magnetic film. Data storage on hard disk is very similar to that of cassette tape. Data is stored in 1’s and 0’s. Each of these combinations of 0’s and 1’s represent different characters. When these are read by the head, the data is retrieved and processed. The storage capacity of the hard disk is much more than a floppy disk. The hard disk is rigid and hard so it is more stable than any other disk available in the market. It has more tracks per inch and more bits per track too as compared to a floppy disk. The hard disk is used when there is random access of data is required and they are also used for back up purposes as these disks have higher capacity as compared to all the other disks.

A hard drive can store up to 1 terabyte or 1024 Gb of data and that is why it is now being used in almost every field like photography, videography, communication technology and mobile computing. The data on the hard disk can be easily erased and manipulated. As we know that RAM is random access memory and volatile in nature. As the system turns off, the RAM will lose all the data. But hard disk gives us the facility where we can store the data and it will not get lost even if the power goes out. It remembers the things until we manually delete it. The settings and the size of the hard disk can vary and once the hard disk gets damaged, it cannot be repaired. So it should be handled very gently.

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