What is a Headdress

The dictionary defines headdress as “an ornamental covering or band for the head, especially one worn on ceremonial occasions:”

So, primarily, any form of covering for the head can be considered as headdress. The head, containing the brain most important part of human body, has been an object of harm at the hands of enemies over centuries. This enemy would be human during strife and the elements during war and peace. As such to keep the head safe from injury and from vagaries of nature various headdresses have been developed by different civilizations over a period of time. Headdress in particular refers to a headgear made from clothing. It has various functions attached to it. IT can be used to give protection from injury like the Turban worn by the Sikhs, a warrior class in India. It was worn by them to save the head from injury of heavy weapons during war. It’s been carried over and become part of the religion over the centuries. Its also used to save the head and neck from injury as seen in warm climes of Asia. The Pagri is another example for the same. It is used by religious heads as a mark of their standing in religion. It is worn as a mark of respect or worn as object of social standing. Its also been worn to for ornamental value by the leaders over centuries.

There are tens of headgears which are used across the globe. Some of the prominent ones are Fillets, crowns, caps, hats, turbans and even turbans. The caps are typically seen more often in sports where the players need protection of eyes from the sun. The hijab is the best example of religious headgear where in women in Islam are required to keep their heads and face covered due to religious compulsions. Crowns are worn by the royalty to show off their status.

The headgear is worn or removed for the religious compulsions too. In some religions removing of head cover is important while entering religious place while in the other religions its mandatory to cover head using headdress while entering religious place.

In present times the most popular form of headdress would be the hood which is worn as an attached cap with the tshirt or jacket to save the neck and head from extreme cold conditions. With the increasing pressure and thus increasing baldness another form of headgear which has become very popular is the wig which is made from hair and used to cover the bald head.

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