What is a Headhunter

Simply put a head hunter is an individual who links or provides the connection between professionals and the corporate clients. They work on contingency basis only and they basically specialize in matching highly skilled professionals with clients. If you put it in layman’s language a head hunter is a person who helps an individual get job or a person who helps organizations get highly skilled professionals. Since the head hunter acts as the intermediary between the professionals and the corporation both the corporation and the professional benefit from the head hunter.

The individual benefits from the headhunter since the burden of the individual going for many interviews with so many papers of qualification is simplified by the headhunter. The headhunter is the one who takes the burden of looking for a job for the professional with only his or her resume.

To the corporation the headhunter is very beneficial since with a headhunter the corporation no longer needs to place adverts for job positions and also receive so many applications in which each of the applications have to be addressed. This reduces the cost the corporation will incur in search an activity and also the time of interviewing all qualified applicants.

The head counter does the tedious work of screening the applicants making sure that they are qualified for that particular position in the corporation. In turn the headhunter is paid a small fee for the services he or she has provided. If the headhunter has done his or her part well by bringing in a highly skilled professional into the corporation then the relationship between the corporation and the headhunter will be maintained.

Headhunter and recruiter are two terms that are mostly used interchangeably. As much as they refer to a similar type of profession there exist differences in structure in which both individuals work. For a headhunter they work on contingency basis that is they are paid on commission for the work they do while a recruiter works on contractual basis.

A headhunter may be working for an agency or alone. It is quite controversial as to whether a job seeker should pay a headhunter or not. Well this depends on the headhunter or the agency in which the headhunter works for. Most of the headhunters don’t charge job seekers since they want to have a list of many professionals with them plus they want to maintain a good relation between the corporation and them plus with the job seekers. In addition a job seeker may be suspicious on a headhunter who charges fee for their services as it may sound like a scum.

In summary it is worthwhile to have a skilled headhunter do the job seeking for you even if you have another job since you never know, you may land on a more lucrative job.

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