What is a Hen Party

Wedding is an ultimate ceremony in everybody’s life.  Before the wedding, there are lot of things to do with bride and groom.  A hen party is one such ceremony before wedding. It is a festive celebration generally held before the main wedding ceremony.

 In this hen party, bride and her female friends attend to make it a grand success.  It can simply say as bachelor party in United States.  In Canada, these parties are called stagette parties.  In United Kingdom, these are called hen parties or hen nights.  A hen party is generally planned by the close friends of bride and brides’ maids.  These grand festive ceremony will be held at public places liken restaurants, hotels and rented rooms.  Some celebrations reach to a high peak in which all the people dances and enjoys to the ultimate level.  Some enjoyment leads to inappropriate behavior.  In some parties, drinking champagne is a tame version. 

This hen party is strictly meant for adult women.  The gifts brought for this ceremony will be laughter related and funny.  Generally, in most of the hen parties freeform dances and drinking alcohol is so common.  The women let their hair freely without any knots.  They will enjoy to their best but no one will even be in danger.  There are many options to play and plan for the entertainment at this hen party.  As the single life is lasting within days and moments, they wish to enjoy that life to the fullest extent.  This is the main motto of this party.  All the friends of the bride will get closer to the bride and will discuss about her likes and dislike and her nature in general.  The total preference will be given to learn more about the bride.

In this hen party some people even celebrate by playing variety of naughty games.  Some others will prefer to have a wild night with dances and slamming shots.  Some people choose to have drinking full night.  Some will include the celebrations with soothing massages, pedicure and manicures.   Actually the name “hen party” refers to the party celebrated by girls.  The term ‘hen’ refers to the female chicken.  Thus the term seemed to opt for female party as hen party.  The bonding between the bride’s relation with her friends and foes increases due to this party.  On the whole enjoyment at bachelorhood is the sole aim of this hen party.

The hen party accessories will be different.  The accessories and gifts of this party will be quite innocent and naughty.  At some times, they will use a veil to make the bride more beautiful.  There will be some special accessories for the friends of bride who attend the party. Little bottles of bubbles, boas, t-shirts with your names on it and many more.  Doing fun with all these things seems to be crazy but they will have full fun doing so. Of all the things, to make it a grand success, planning is very important.  Perfect planning leads to have a good fun successfully.


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