What is a Hickey

The term, ‘Hickey’, is used as a slang to refer to the bruises that are caused on the skin of the person owing to a strong kiss or due to excessive sucking of the skin during a kiss. A hickey is said to be a mark of possessiveness that a person exhibits for his partner. Normally, it is the women who have hickey on their body as compared to men. While some people take pride in showing off their hickey or love bite, the situation can get very embarrassing for people at times. Hickeys are a mark of the warmth in the relationship and the extent of physical relationship that the couple shares. Biting can also be considered to be part of a hickey.

The main reason for the formation of a hickey on the surface of the skin of a woman is due to the clotting of the blood at a particular area that is sucked on to with pressure. It is caused due to the breaking of capillaries in that area owing to intense pressure during kissing. The marks that are caused might range from a minor bruise to a dark mark that tends to stay for weeks together. Almost all young couples experience the problem of hiding hickey from their parents and elders. The hickey can be gotten rid of, in a short span of time, provided one takes steps to ensure that the right kind of medication is provided.

One can hide the hickey with the use of powder or foundation of the right color, so that it does not become very evident. Hickey on any part of the body except the face can be hidden with the help of suitable clothes. The occurrence of hickey is highest on the neck of the person and by using turtleneck shirt; one can make sure that she hides the hickeys from her parents. Applying creams or rubbing oil on the surface of the hickey helps in easing up the capillaries that have burst and restores the skin back to normal.

Though a hickey is not very painful, the embarrassment that it causes is said to be the main point of concern for young couples. Sometimes a hickey is considered to be a form of sadism where the other person is hurt for one’s pleasure. However, as long as both the people in the relationship have no issues with a hickey, it can still be considered to be a symbol of love; and an excellent form of expressing one’s warmth and passion for his partner during love making.

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