What is a Hot Air Balloon

Unlike the airships that are pushed by means of the air force, hot air balloons are propelled in the air by means of thermal force. Usually, hot air fills these balloons such that they rise due to the warm air inside and then, the balloon is steered based on the direction the user wishes to travel. The science behind these air balloons is that the heated air inside the balloons make them buoyant as the air outside is much cooler. However, unlike the normal aircrafts, the hot air balloon cannot fly beyond a certain point in the atmosphere. In simple words, it cannot move out of the atmosphere. However, unlike an air balloon, it does not have to be sealed as well.

The body of these balloons is generally made up of Nylon and the mouth of the balloons is made of a heat resistant material such as the Nomex. Since the year 1970, these balloons are made of different shapes and sizes; and are mostly looked upon as an object of fun and frolic. Although they come in a different variety of shapes and sizes, when it comes to the commercial aspect, these balloons are crafted in different varieties and sizes depending on the purpose of creating the balloon. Besides the different modes, the standard shape is still in vogue by many of those around the world.

Mostly, the fabric that covers the outer layer of the balloon is a single layer material, mostly a gas lifting bag envelope. This narrows down into the mouth or the throat, which links the gondola, the place where the passengers are seated. Above the basket or the gondola is the burner that is situated at the junction, and blows out flames to heat the air. The burner works by means of propane that is intended to blow hot air into the balloon. When the balloon is manufactured, the material is usually cut into panels and then stitched together and finally sealed with a sealant that is desired to keep the balloon intact despite the weight it can afford to carry.

Once this is done, the balloon is then coated with silicones or polyurethane to prevent the escape of air into the atmosphere. Mostly, the balloon loses its life only when the sealant gives away, thus leading to the leakage and escape of air from the balloon. Often, hot air balloons have vents in them that help the pilot to release or retain air to either ascend or descend from the balloon. The baskets are also made of extremely light material that helps to carry passengers with ease. Despite the various types and sizes, riding a hot air balloon is definitely fun and enjoyable. 


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