What is a Hotspot

The basic definition of a hotspot is that it is a definite amount of area in which anyone can get access to the internet through wireless networks such as, LAN connection. It provides you a Virtual Private Network (VPN) access from a given location. In a hotspot you can gain access to the internet through a local area network by using a router which is already connected to the Internet Service Provider of that hotspot.

Basically hotspot uses Wi-Fi technology.  The Wi-Fi technology is widely used in a hotspot. For example, in an office building, at an airport, colleges, hostels and various public places. Hotspots are growing rapidly accordingly to the technology. You can find a hotspot at various places, where a need of internet connection is always there. Hotspots can be found in restaurants, libraries, hotels, in hospitals, and even in the departmental stores and super markets.

Nowadays, many cafes are using hotspots for the customer satisfaction as they can sit freely, relax mentally and concentrate on their work. Hotspots can also be described as wireless network environment. This is done by contacting a nearby wireless network with the help of a Network Interface Card (NIC), through Radio Waves.

To create a hotspot in any defined area two things are necessary first is a Wireless Router and other is a Modem. Hotspots are basically of two types. One is known as free hotspot and the other is known as commercial hotspot.

Free hotspots are those hotspots which are featured to the people in any professional environment. Such as in an office building, all employers are provided the internet connection via free hotspot which is provided to them by the company. And free hotspots can be found in any college campus, where students can use the internet as per the necessity. This Wi-Fi connection is enabled in a limited area so that any student, located anywhere in the campus can use the internet.

Free hotspots works in two different ways. The easiest way to create a free hotspot is by using an open public network. In this process we only need a Wi-Fi router. But there is a disadvantage in this hotspot because anyone can share the wireless routers in the range of the hotspot. And the other way is to create a closed public network by using a Hotspot Management System to control the hotspot. In this hotspot, operator of the server can control the bandwidth of the user.

Commercial hotspots are those hotspots which are used for users for the purpose of authentication, payment and transactions. In these hotspots, transactions can be done by using debit cards, E-cheques, PayPal, or other services.