What is a Hurricane

As we can see in our surroundings there are lots of happenings that causes people to change the way of life, a change in livelihood, family, and also a place to live in. One example of this is natural calamities, it affect millions and billions of people, not just in one state but almost everywhere. There are lots of violent effects to the people because of the wrong management of nature.

About Hurricane

Hurricane is one of the most common and well known natural calamity, it is the heavy pouring of the rain, thunderstorms and strong breeze that affects houses and also lead to different problems which are landslides, flash floods and many more. Hurricane is made of low pressure in the center which is surrounded by large thunderstorms. The formation of hurricanes is down to the evaporation of oceans which builts low pressure over the ground near oceans. The low pressure allows evaporated air to rise and condenses to form the basis of hurricane over these low pressure areas.

Difference between Hurricanes and Typhoons

Also Hurricane is being called as Typhoon even it’s wrong; we can see that it has the same impacts, it produces a heavy pouring of rain, high intensity of winds and often damages properties even lives of people, but in its difference Typhoon usually hits tropical regions like Philippines in Asia, while Hurricanes hits Western Atlantics.

Anemometer: the Hurricane Monitor

This calamity is being monitored using the scientific instrument called Anemometer, it is one of the oldest measuring device used to monitor hurricanes from the 15th century, to make it easier and accurate, a speedometer is being placed to a digital device, but still we can’t assure that most of the time this measuring devices can be as accurate as the heavy storm moves or a hundred percent.

Don’t always rely on Weather Forecast

There is this happening when one of the local Astronomical Administration had a wrong monitoring and had a wrong dissemination of the forecast and caused the death of the people, and because of that people should be more careful and be prepared for their own safety. It was said that there is a huge possibility that hot places are being hit by hurricanes (like Africa) because of the negative energies that pulls the hurricane to hot places, unlike the cold ones, also hurricanes starts and forms in Atlantic regions, every storm starts in water.

An example of the places were hurricanes and storms usually visit is the west and south Florida, Africa, etc. Mostly Hurricanes occur in African when it’s a hot season. Hurricanes cannot always be monitored; measuring device has their limit that is why taking care of oneself and others is a very big thing to avoid unstoppable incidents in a person’s life, be prepared for everything.