What is a Job Board

This is a typical physical board where job listings or opening are mentioned. Candidates who are on the lookout for jobs see these job boards for advertisement on employment opportunities. Usually these boards have employment announcements that are paper written and fastened on them. We can still see these job boards in colleges and universities which have announcements on employment for students looking for part time work.

Today in the modern world we have job boards on the internet which acts as the same. For example timesjob.com etc has their job listing. It is organized in a very clear manner as per specific occupation, location, skill sets, education etc.  This facilitates the prospective candidate to search for jobs as per their skill sets; he or she has to just fill out the details.

These job boards on internet are tied up with various companies who are looking for candidates. These companies pay some price for these sites to post their jobs. There are some websites which charge the candidates who search for jobs. Majority of these sites are free for candidates a few sites have membership plans, where the candidate need to pay for some premier services. For example the website may give certain options for those members pay like resume creation, highlighting the key skills etc.

The advantage of internet job board is that it is cost effective unless like newspapers which charge companies per word. Since they deal with large volumes of job listings from different companies they charge less. The organization also has advantages like the volume of resumes they get from these job boards helps them in finding the right candidate. If they are two or more companies advertising on the same job board, the company who gets more candidates will obviously have more success.

These job boards have made the task of recruiting much easier. When compared to olden days where the HR department had to design the employment vacancy news, today it has become much easier. All they have to do is to tell the message of your job posting with other details like position, location, salary, job description etc. The rest is done by the internet job board to suitable list the company’s job opening on their websites.

The major disadvantage of job boards is that there can be multiple applications that might be duplicate. The HR department might also face a serious problem of sorting out unqualified applicants who have just playfully registered for the job listing. Whatever the disadvantage internet job boards are still effective in their own way.