What is a Job Interview

A job interview is a chance for the prospective candidates to show their skills which are fit to be hired. Hence it is essential that you are well prepared for a job interview. Preparing means having good knowledge of the industry, the employer and yourself.  This also includes preparing yourself to small details like appearance, punctuality and behavior.

Knowledge is the best weapon for a prospective candidate, so he or she should be well equipped with it. Before you research the industry or the employer every one should have a basic awareness towards job interview. Let us now take a look at different kinds of job interview.

The Screening Interview:

Any kind of first interview would be a screening interview. This is usually from the done from the human resource department. It can either be done in person or telephonic. This is basically a verification based on the resume he or she had sent earlier to a particular company. The human resource executive will find out if the prospective candidate meets the minimum qualifications, experience, skill set required for the job are met. If this screening is successful the candidate will move to the next round.

The Selection Interview:

Once the employer knows that he or she is qualified for the required job, the HR. will put them through the selection process. Even while the candidate may have the necessary skills to perform the job, the employer might need to know that he or she has the required personality to “fit in”. Many feel that this can be done within a few minutes of meeting the candidates.  But very often the candidates are invites for several rounds with different people.

The Group Interview:

In this several job candidates are questioned at once. Since any group naturally stratifies into leaders. With this the interviewer can easily figure out which category they fall into. In this kind of interview they can also find out if he or she is a team player. This also helps the interviewer to find out if a person is natural or acting to get a job.

The Panel Interview:

The desired candidate is interviewed by several people at once. It can be frightening at times but the candidate should remain calm. He or she should maintain eye contact with every member and build a good rapport with them.

The Stress Interview:

This interview is a technique which the company uses to remove the candidates who cannot handle pressure. The interviewer may temporarily introduce stress in his questions by asking it very fast creating confusion in the minds of candidates, to check if they can handle the situation. He may also ask weird questions that may not relate to the job interview to see how they respond.