What Is a Jump Shot

Among all the outdoor sports, basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sport played all over the world in which two teams of five players each compete in scoring points by throwing a ball through the basket or the hoop adhering to the rules and regulations of the game. It is a game which is played right from school level to a very professional international competitive level. Basketball has evolved various techniques and moves in achieving the goal of the game which has taken the game to an all new interesting level. One such basketball move which is very crucial for the winning of the game is a “jump shot”. This shot was originated during the first half of the 20th century and has become one of the prevalent moves even in today’s version of basketball.

A jump shot, also referred as a jumper is one of the basketball moves in which the player attempts to score a basket by a straight jump and during the jump, propels the ball in an arc into the hoop or the so called basket. For this the player will have to jump to the level, till where his or hand is aligned with the basket, so that the ball goes towards the hoop in a high arc. A jump shot is easier to make from a distance, which makes it difficult for the defending player to block, until and unless such defending player is a tall person making the shot a bit hard to come through.

Before the advent of jump shot, for many decades, players played two handed set shots which meant that they stood on the ground and aimed the ball to the basket with their hands at their chest level. Infact sources say that jumping was forbidden while shooting or throwing the ball and such players were even removed from the game. Further in early 1930s youngsters began shooting with the help of jump shots which slowly spread its popularity and the first jump shot is credited to John Cooper by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) in 1931.

An effective jump shot is achieved with a series of actions which can be practiced properly and they start with getting set with the distance at which the player stands away from the basket and the body position. It is ideal to stand two to three feet from the basket with feet apart at shoulder width and the entire body weight being distributed equally on both the feet. Next is to concentrate on the hand position wherein the ball is held with both the hands, close to body above the waist level. Also enough control has to be established while holding the ball. Next while the ball is moved to the point above the head, the basket must be seen from below the ball. The ball has to be held as high as possible and holding higher helps in growing taller. From here you are all set for shooting the ball. It has to be a quick jump by uncocking the wrist and such quick jump helps to give more power in shooting. More power is achieved by increasing the bend in your knees, and if required the shooting position can be slightly lowered as long as the basket is seen from under the ball.

This basic exercise could be practiced by all girls and boys who are passionate to learn basketball and would love to play at competitive levels.