What is a Kickflip

One of the most popular and yet hardest skateboarding tricks is “kickflip” and it is acclaimed to be a well known form of flip trick which again is a skateboarding trick involving skateboards flipping in a particular manner. In a kickflip the rider starts with an ollies, but then flicks the board with foot to make it twist 360 degrees underneath while he is in the air. He then catches it after a complete rotation and lands safely. So what does this Ollie mean? Ollie is a fundamental skateboarding trick wherein the board is given a liftoff by the rider with both leaping into the air without the rider using his hands. This is usually a visual striking trick for the reason that the liftoff is achieved from a plain ground in an unobvious way.

Kickflip is a modern form of skateboarding trick which was originally invented by Brian Brown who named it initially as “magic flip”. He came up with this new technique by slightly spicing up the way of using the Ollie. So when the Ollie left the ground, Brown tried to flip by sliding the front foot off top of the board, instead of lifting the edge with a toe. Further he started practicing on the other control areas like clearance height, time of initiation and flipping speed along with the direction of the board during the flip. Further this technique has also been adopted and practiced by freestylers and street skaters taking skateboarding to all new levels.

Let’s understand the way kickflip is executed. It would be easier to go on a step by step understanding-

  • First, the rider starts with an Ollie into the air and slowly lifts off his back foot from the board.
  • While doing so, simultaneously he slides the front foot off the board diagonally forward facing the heel of the foot. This is sometimes referred as “flick” which helps in spinning the skateboard and flipping it completely.
  • Finally the rider restricts the spin by coming back on his feet to the board slowing while it nears the position it originally started with.

Kickflip at the first sight seems very scary, risky, difficult and quite challenging. A person who has learnt ollie is left with very few lessons before he masters on kickflip. Therefore it is just a variation on the fundamental technique of Ollie. This goes as a suggestion to all those thinking about joining skateboard classes. Remember to start with Ollie which could serve as a base for various other tricks including kickflip and would help you master them.