What is a Kidney Stone Stent

A kidney stone stent is also called ureteric stent. It is a plastic tube which is inserted between the bladder and the kidney in the ureter. The aim of the kidney stone stent is to keep the ureter open. It is left there for a short duration for like 6 weeks and later it is removed. These stents are coiled from both the ends. It helps in getting rid of any obstructions. The stents help in passing the kidney stones. It can be inserted into the ureter with a general anesthetic or a local anesthetic. The surgeon uses a cystoscope which is a device that has a camera and allows seeing the urethra to insert the stent into it. The correct position is then examined by X-ray. This procedure is used when a doctor feels that with a little help, a patient can pass the stone. But living with a stent in the body can be very painful at times, especially during morning, at the time of exercising.

A patient can feel a lot of discomfort with stents. They always feel like urinating. At certain body positions, it can be too irritating and painful, especially in bladder and kidney area. If it is left in ureter for a longer duration then it can lead to infections. Sometimes a patient may have blood in the urine which is quite common if he/she has stent in the ureter. The kidney stone stent is removed in the same manner as it is inserted. Once again the doctor will use a cystoscope to see the position of the stent.

The kidney stone stent is also inserted when it is impossible to remove the stones or these are in an area where surgery is difficult. Kidney stent stones are also used after the removal of stones. When large stones are removed, it can lead to extreme swelling. The doctor inserts stent so that the urine can pass easily which was not possible otherwise due to the swelling. If a person has stent, then he/she should drink plenty of water which would reduce the risk of infections and will also reduce the amount of blood in the urine. If you experience extreme pains then you can take pain killers to reduce the pain and the discomfort. If you feel any kind of severe problems, immediately consult your doctor. The doctors should also make the patients aware of all these difficulties of the kidney stone stents upfront.

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