What is a Labret

The word labret is derived from the Latin “labrum” meaning lip. Body piercing extends to all parts of the body including the lip and that explains the terminology labret. Piercing a body part other than the ears is referred to as a labret. The jewelry used at the piercing is also called by the same name. Body piercing is practiced by certain cult groups with which indulge in some ancient forms of mystic practices which are not in vogue in the present civilized world.

However, in many parts of the world it is a practice prevalent among tribal as reported by Western correspondents. It sounds strange that such body piercing is done and jewelry used to decorate that place. Any person who wants to experiment with body piercing has to be extremely careful and know its implication fully before undertaking one.

A majority of people get labret done on their lower lip. Any type of jewelry that can be used with piercing of the lip can be called labret. The piercing is done usually closest to the chin. It is done by professional piercers trained for the purpose. Labret has many styles and if you want to get it done on your lip it essential that you have a thorough discussion with the piercer.

You will be advised by the piercer not every body is suitable for all types of labret. After a thorough discussion you can select the one that will suit your body best as advised by the piercer. Even though there are many options for the place of piercing and the jewelry to be used their many people opt for a single stud for fixing in the region of the upper chin.

However, they may soon change their minds and avail of the many other options that are available. Different terminologies are used for the different options of labret. Terms like vertical labret are very common. In the case of a vertical labret the piercing is done at the lower lip at the top. The snake bite is double piercing one at the lip and the other lower down near the chin. Extra care is needed to prevent infection and also damage to the teeth because of the jewelry.

It has also to be ensured that embedding of the jewelry does not occur at the pierced spot. Because of this fear many people use rings as jewelry. Labret studs are also available. Because of a screw on arrangement the stud is safer than any other piece of jewelry. The trouble for labret users comes in the form of social discrimination and employer’s reluctance to hire them. 

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