What is a Landing Page

A landing page can be defined as a page that directs traffic to a website homepage or another link or it can be defined as a page where you are able to capture the interest of your visitors as well as get some of their information. It is usually sales orientated since it is another way of marketing your website. There are many ways in which individuals use to market their websites one of them being through email campaigns. For you to capture the information of visitors then you will need a landing page which can be used to collect their names and their emails.

When creating a landing page for your website or blog there are certain things you have to put into effect. The first thing is limiting your visitor’s navigation options. No one would want their visitors to wonder and navigate away from their website therefore reducing the number of links in your website will reduce the chances of your visitors navigating away. Make sure that you have a clear way for your clients to your website.

The second think is reminding your clients why they followed that particular link. Make sure that the client don’t end up forgetting why the clicked the link from wherever you placed the link to your landing page. Whatever phrase you used in your link make sure that you rephrase it in your landing page so that the visitors are reminded what they are doing. Whatever type of sales copy you use make sure that it is brief and precise. At a glance the visitor should be able to have an idea about the website and the urge to know more about the website. Long sales copy is normally not recommended since most of us like to read shortly then scroll to the bottom of the page.

The next thing you need to consider is optimizing your landing page. Once the visitor is in your landing page they should be able to scroll easily and also once they click on a link it should load very fast. The page design should also be stylish to demand attention. As for the texts make sure that they are stylishly entered in that they display the beautiful nature of your landing page. This will make your landing page look professional. Use the available font options and also mix the large and small letter also makes use of the text images.

If you want to get some information about the visitor on your landing page then make sure that you keep your forms to the minimum. Don’t ask too much question that demand a lot of personal information since this will only drive the visitors away. Lastly, you should also have a visible link to your privacy policy as a proof of policy.

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