What Is a Laptop Inverter

An inverter is used to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). The laptop inverter is located in the LCD cover assembly which is closed by LCD itself. It is encased by the framework of the screen and is not visible until and unless the plastic outer border around the screen is removed.

The process of taking out the inverter needs a lot of patience as working around an expensive LCD panel needs a lot of confidence in what the person is doing. LCD panel alone costs about 50% of the overall laptop cost and in some cases replacement costs are also very huge. In most cases the laptop inverter can be found either screwed to the case underneath or alongside the LCD panel.

The user can identify the laptop inverter as all of them are long thin strips with one or more inputs each for the screen and motherboard.These boards also vary in their appearance and some of the boards are coated in metal while some of them are colored plastic and some of them are wrapped in black vinyl.

For buying an laptop inverter, the user should keep in mind that the inverters only operates at their surge capacity for a limited amount of time and then shuts down to reset and that’s not what the user would want. If a laptop uses 65 watts of power, then the user should look for a power supply that provides 20% more or a minimum of 78 watts of continuous power.

If the laptop inverter is causing problems, there are various indications by which these problems can be detected. First of all, if the indicator fails, there would not be any backlight at all. The user will just see a very dim picture on the LCD. This is the main symptom of a failing inverter. Also, sometimes the user can experience a flickering of the light when the laptop lid is turned on. This happens when there is a broken lead.

Laptops with faulty inverters can also be repaired in local computer shops. If the user is an engineer then he or she is easily qualified to do these jobs. But, hiring a professional means the user will have to pay extra for the service. The small size of the inverter board allows for the screen unit of laptops to be compact as well.