What Is a Leadership Model

These help us to understand what brands a leader and how does leaders act the way they do. The term leadership model does not imply in locking a person to a specific model. But to make them understand that they are required to act according to the situation they are into. There are many models of leadership that has changed from time to time, let us know a few of them that are more relevant.

Four Frame Approach :- This model intends to show that a leader displays his behaviors in four frameworks that is organizational, human resource, governmental and symbolic. This suggests that leaders can be put into any one of the framework or sometimes they might don the leadership of more than one category. For example at the time when an organizational revamp takes place it is apt that a structural leadership model is the best suited rather than the other frameworks. Hence it depends upon the situation in which the leader has to act.

Managerial Grid Model :- This model of leadership uses two factors like concern for people and concern for results. In this case the leader should take care of his followers, meet them, talk to them in finding out what they need etc. Because if this is not taken care of it might threaten the second factor of results being produced and ultimately the goals and objectives of the organization.

Transformational Leadership Model :- This model believes that if people are treated and appreciated for their work they perform well. If this is taken care of the workers will give their best since they have a feeling of being part of the organization. These kinds of leaders have a nature that makes the worker feel like doing anything for them. They are also called inspirational leaders.

Participative Model :- This model allows workers from all levels to participate in the decision making process. More participation leads to enhancing the motivational levels of the workers which in turn helps in achieving the objectives of the organization. Workers will be more dedicated to their work since they were also a part of the decisions that were taken.

Situational Model :- As the name suggests this is the leader who performs in different situations. In this model decision making can take different forms, because different situations need different solutions. Here the leader has to be very flexible in his activities. The leader should have the ability in finding the best solution to any given problem. Sometimes he or she may have use more than one leadership model in decision making.