What Is a Lisp

Lisp is a speech disorder relating to pronunciation of certain letters in the alphabet. In the case children it is noticeable in letters“R, S, W, I, L, F, T, H”. In adults it is mostly about S and Z. They tend to pronounce as “th”.  In the case of children, lisp will disappear when they grow up. For adults it may be due to a temporary loss hearing due to cold and ear infections. If it persists it may create problems for communication and also affect the person psychologically.

 They are all the time worried that when they talk people may mock at them. Some children may lisp to draw attention to them. But in most adult cases lisp is caused due to physiological problem or a medical condition. Children with swollen adenoids and older people with recurring stuffy noses may start to lisp. In many cases however, it happens a result of stress and the problem becomes psychological. There are many types of lisp, each caused by different ways the tongue moves in the mouth.

 Children develop frontal lisp during the period of growth because of the gap in the upper mouth caused by the fallen teeth. These lisps are very temporary and will disappear when the front teeth grow. No form of medical intervention will be needed in such cases. There is a lisp called palatal lips in which the top of the mouth got pressed by the tongue. When you try to make sibilant sounds, the “th” lisp comes out. The problem is the cause for lisp is unknown.

 There is another form of lisp called dentalized lisp. It is caused when the speaker presses the tongue against the teeth while speaking. This lisp becomes very noticeable when words like “sea shore” are spoken.  Another form is the lateral lisp.  In this form there is airflow around the tongue if it is kept always in a position normally used for pronouncing I. Word coming out due to lateral lisp found extremely soft. Whatever be the cause or types of lisps there is n medical cure for it.

 Lips disappear in the case of children unless there are reasons other than physical for its lingering.  In the case of adults since there is no medical cure, it is best to leave it alone and forget about it. The problem is with people who are very self conscious. They will be thinking about it all the time what others think about them. For such people there is no way out other than taking medical advice since there is no drug for treatment, and you will be advised to meet a speech therapist for correcting the lisp.