What Is a Lithium Supplement

Lithium has found various uses in industries. The ceramic and glass industries have found them suitable for deferent applications. It is a very versatile element and in combination with other metals. Lithium ion batteries have come to stay in communication industry. It is a good lubricant and is also used in the manufacture of aero planes. However lithium has found its use in health matters as nutritional mineral for humans. Lithium used in medicines and nutritional supplements gets you several health benefits.

 Lithium is most commonly used in the treatment of bipolar diseases. It is disorder of manic depression. The characteristic of this disease is very high mood swings experienced by persons. You feel highly elated for sometime then all of a sudden you get into a fit of depression without any apparent reason. This due to some imbalances in affected person’s brain. Lithium has been found to be very effective to control the symptoms. The suspected cause of the disease is the imbalance of serotonin, a chemical in the brain.

 Lithium controls the level of serotonin and has been found to be better medicine than other drugs mainly because there are no side effects. The down side of using lithium is that since it is associated with treating a brain problem, people are generally very hesitant to admit that they are undergoing lithium treatment for fear of being considered as insane. Lithium is not just a medicine for the brain but a very useful and essential medicine which helps to slow down shrinking of cells in the brain, occurring with old age.

 Lithium has the power to even renew power cells. Your brain can be kept in top condition. However, lithium is a very potent medicine and a remedy for many other problems. It has been found to be very effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Glutamate which is a toxin causes degeneration of cells of the brain and causes Alzheimer. Use of lithium in treatment is very effective way in controlling the effects of glutamate giving great relief to people suffering from the disease.

 Lithium acts an effective heal from agents which can harm the brain. It is also in fact the answer for the prevention of onset of Alzheimer. Unfortunately, the benefits of lithium are not publicized. Only people who have used it will vouch for its effectiveness. For treatment a doctor’s advice is needed and the dosage should be as directed by him.  While buying a lithium product you should avoid one that has fillers which are harmful. You also get lithium in combination with other minerals such as calcium, zinc etc.