What is a Magnetic Field

The magnetic field can be understood as the field of influence through which a substance can conduct its force. The field is made up of two poles at two extreme ends known as the north and south poles. The field however can have more than just those two poles because any field can have a number of domains possible. The domains can thus attribute the characteristics of a magnetic field. The actual sense of magnetic field is basically the field by which the force of magnet is carried out. The magnetic fields can therefore have the poles by which the force can be applied like the North Pole and the south poles as its persuasion and can also bring the preferred results.

The study of the magnetic field started as early as the 1600s when magnetic fields where first discovered by the scientist Orsted. He had first proposed the concept of the magnetic field in order to give a standard for understanding the universe. The scientist made this discovery one evening while playing with a compass which had its needle turn north when he turned off the source of electricity. This is was one of the main discoveries that the scientist was able to make and thus brought about many applications since then. The study of the magnetic field however continues until today as many scientists fight to discover the reason for the induction process.

The magnetic field and its main components

Moreover, the magnetic field is the most amazing field of study since it can allow the average person to have many grand uses. The magnetic field is among the most amazing study for the reason that of the truth that it is straightforward to evaluate. The magnetic field is a field through which a force can be conducted and is a field that has two opposing poles that can be located at two extreme ends, the north and south ends.  This magnetic field however is not able to be divided easily because it can only have two poles. The division of this magnetic field will thus yield the same two poles no matter how many divisions are undertaken. This is why the magnetic field is considered to be constant and unchanging even when divided but this does not mean that is strength or force of power does not change when it is divided because this alteration can bring about greater or weaker strength depending on its division.

Additionally the magnetic field can allow electric currents to be conducted through it easily. This is because of its good conducting property which allows currents to flow easily. The magnetic field is able to do this since it is made up of electric currents.

Hence, it can be concluded that the magnetic field is that field throughout which the strong force of magnet can be performed. This said field thus generally has the two poles where the force is applied such as North Pole and the south poles by which the magnetic force is applied and its persuasion can also bring the requisite and preferred results or the outcome.